Sales Teams Activation

Get relevant prospects' data→ Automate tasks→ Close deals faster

Increase the productivity of sales teams so that they can dedicate more time to more valuable tasks and get the commercial visit.

Develop a sales model that supports the entire buying process of your prospects, so your teams will be able to lead qualified leads to opportunities that become customers.



Automate broadcast without being impersonal

Organize a sequence of personalized follow-up emails and reminders that are sent automatically at the right time.

Create and share email templates

Turn repetitive emails into templates, measure their performance, and share the best templates with your entire team.

Track Live

Receive immediate notifications when a potential customer opens an email, clicks a link, or downloads an attachment, so you can follow up.

Side view of executives shaking hands during a business meeting in the office
Salesman shaking hands with client with contract on the coffee table

Know in detail the actions and progress of your team

Know the detail of the activities of the sales teams: calls, meetings, emails and tasks. Everything is recorded automatically and you will have full visibility at any time.

Spend time closing deals, not entering data

Eliminate manual data entry entirely, as contact information, email opens, and clicks for all leads are recorded automatically.

Monitor your entire sales pipeline

Synchronize it with the CRM tool that allows you to track won, lost and in-progress deals to determine which sales reps are performing the best.

Howd o we do it?

We help you to:

  • Define your buyer's journey
  • Develop a sales process that supports your buyer's journey.
  • Identify your Buyer Personas.
  • Lead with a helpful and personalized prospecting message.
  • Adapt and optimize your sales process based on the changing needs of your buyers.
  • Guide your team towards the conversion of clients and the fulfillment of their sales objectives.
  • Be aware of all the activities of your sales team and the progress in meeting their objectives.
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What are its advantages?

1. More customization, less distance

When you meet the leads, you focus on concrete solutions for specific challenges. This way you create trust: who would you rather spend a few minutes of your time with, a brand that understands very well what you want to achieve, or another that shouts the same thing over and over again?

2. Better knowledge of potential buyers, less investment in passive leads

By being aware of where they are in the buyer's journey and how much they have seen of your offer, you also know with whom to open a communication channel that will offer them the right information, at the right time. Your efforts will be directed where they need to go, therefore your investment (in personnel, in ads, in software) does not translate into losses.

3. More empathy and sales skills

Brands can no longer be a logo without a face or voice. With the closeness you have with potential clients who ask you about your benefits directly, having a team of inbound sales consultants is more effective than showing prices as soon as the dialogue window appears. Not only do you attract buyers, but you keep them and they become your own spokesperson with their contacts.

We understand your buyers' journey, tailor your sales process, automate tasks, and make your sales team convert faster and better.