Customer Relationship Management

Manage→ Get valuable information→ Optimize your processes→ Achieve your business objectives

All of your customers' information in just one place and complete visibility of your sales team performance to increase conversion rates, income and customer retention while optimizing their experience with you.


Everything in just one place

All of customers' relevant information in the same place: manage data, relationships and leads, communications and sales strategies and make more efficient your relationships management.

More time for the important

Optimize the time by automating repetitive processes and segmentating customers. 

Boost work capacity

The tools you will provide your team will allow them to focus on more valuable activities that will help them convert customers.

Take more strategic decisions

It will give you a 360º outlook of your company, campaigns and communications strategies with analysis, reports and relevant data. Improve your marketing campaigns, sales strategies and customer support performance.

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Optimize your segmentation

It makes easier the creation and improvement of new buyer persona profiles.

Get more and better quality leads

Improve the criteria inside your company to constantly identify new leads and prospects and guide your actions towards their delightment.

Integrate your business strategy

By integrating the marketing and sales strategies you will make possible to capture, qualify and guide leads to the sales team with faster velocity and in a more efficient way.

Improve your business performance

By managing your business pipeline you will have complete visibility and action power over your sales process, you will understand your team's progress and will be able to guide them towards the achievement of objectives.

How do we do it?

Automatically register activities

Monitor customers’ interactions. CRM syncs to Outlook or Gmail and records every call, email and meeting immediately.

Manage your pipeline

Organize your transactions, appointments and contracts to analyze the performance compared to the expected. Organize transactions by name, owner, quantity or stage with customized filters and get valuable data in less time.

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Get real time notifications

Get live notifications when a customer opens a mail or downloads an archive so you can follow up.

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Create and track email templates

Turn emails into templates that you can reuse, track their performance and choose the one with better results.

Send customized sequences

Organize a series of emails and send them to prospects according to the cronogram you defined based on their needs and interactions.

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Complete contacts’ registries automatically

Complete automatically contacts’ registries thanks to a database of more than 20 million companies and get useful information to improve your strategies.

Make calls from the CRM

Make calls and record as needed. These registries are automatically saved in your contact’s history.

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Schedule more meetings

Organize your tasks and determine your availability, that way you will receive a link to share sync to your calendar, allowing prospects to choose a convenient time for everyone.

Your success depends on delighting your customers, knowing as much about them as possible, offering quick responses, and providing them with personalized experiences.

This is what will allow you to grow... and we will help you to achieve it!